Minibus Drivers Test (MIDAS)

Over the course of the year we attend many tournaments and the easiest mode of transport is minibus. However we do need to have drivers. If you are…

a. Over 21
b. Been driving for 2 years
c. Have a clean license
…you are eligible to take the MIDAS test.

Sporty Card And Membership Fees

All members of the club are required to have Sporty cards by the Athletics Union, and as such people without Sporty cards people will not be able to practice. Please bring your Sporty cards to traiing sessions as I need to compile a list of numbers, and Sports Cage staff may also ask to see them. Also membership fees are £4 this year and can be paid to me or Rob at any training session

Thanks for your help and enjoy the year



Contact Details

If you are leaving aber this summer, and wish to be contacted about any future events such as meals, reunions etc. (the 10 year reunion is being planned for 2006) then please email Jake with a contact address and phone number. All information will be treated with strict confidentiality. Cheers!