The Legend Of The Mwnci

Set up in 1996 by Alex Evans (Welshy) Mwnci See became the first ultimate team from Wales describing theirselves as a bunch of good natured, mud loving people who eat, drink and breathe ultimate and beer.
Mwnci n. [pl. -iod] A mwnci is a young, short-sighted, daft earth dwelling organism. It survives by eating and drinking almost anything, from marzipan to vodka, from bananas to tequila. In order to successfully befriend and tame a mwnci, one must throw circular objects to [or at] it. A mwnci will usually throw said object back. If it doesn’t, poke it. It will then drop what it is carrying and run. A far more effective technique is to buy said mwnci an alcoholic beverage. So adopt one today, and help a mwnci see!

Over the summer Mwnci See teamed up with No Frills of University of Wales Cardiff, to form Red Dragons, University of Wales Ultimate. Before this Mwnci used to team up with Mohawks (Sussex University) to form Mohawk Mwnci Magic

What Is Ultimate?

Ultimate is an extremely dynamic non-contact team sport played which can be played inside or out. Comparisons to other sports, despite being regularly attempted, are not really possible. Men and women play together on the same teams, it is played with a flying disc, and there are no referees. Instead players call there own fouls, and sort disputes out amongst themselves in a spirited fashion.

Spirit is perhaps the most important aspect of Ultimate and at tournaments prizes are awarded not just for how well the team does but also for spirit!

For an introduction to the game and the basic rules please click here. For other useful information on how to play the game visit their training page

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