The aims of the club are as follows:
To enable anybody, of any ability, to play in practice and competitively.
To encourage fair play and good spirit in practice and in competitive play.
To improve the fitness, stamina, strength and ability of all players.
To enable those who would like to, to play at the highest level possible.
To offer people the chance to make new friends.

Nobody will be discriminated against regarding their race, nationality, sexuality, class, gender, ability, looks, or any other matter not listed.
The introduction of new ideas from all members will be actively encouraged.
The club shall hold an Annual General Meeting (AGM) once a year. It is suggested that the election of the following year’s committee take place at this meeting. General Meetings (GM) may be called once a term by the committee if they so wish and Extraordinary General Meetings (EGM) may be held on other occasions where the committee deems it necessary or upon receipt, by the committee, of a request from 6 different members of the club.
A voting member will be defined as anybody who:
Attends training on a regular basis.
Has paid their membership fee.
Owns a valid Sporty Card
Special rules will apply to all those on a year (or other period of time) out or to those who are injured for a prolonged period. Players who are not able to train on a regular basis will be allowed to become a voting member at the discretion of the President and Captain.

All voting members will be allowed to vote on club matters raised at an AGM, GM or EGM. A majority vote of at least 50% will be required for all motions. Motions may be put forward by any voting member. Constitutional change will require a vote of at least 2/3rds majority.